Languages week


The subject weeks spent during the school year have become a good tradition in our school. As a rule, this is a cycle of extracurricular activities aimed at the upbringing and development of students in a relaxed, playful, different form from the usual lesson.

This year, we also held a substantive week of the humanitarian cycle for learners of our school, which, we hope, has become an additional means of building students’ interest in literature, Russian and English, history and social studies, expanding and deepening their knowledge.

Day 1. Opening of the week of languages.

«Day of the Kazakh language»

The day began with beautiful Kazakh songs and ended the same way. Each lesson breaks were accompanied by beautiful songs that everyone who was at school felt this thematic atmosphere. Games were held at breaks, for which students were awarded sweet prizes. Also, students of 6 and 7 took part in the intellectual game «Til bіlgіrі».

Day 2. «Day of logic»

On this day, all students of the school had the opportunity to participate. Rebus, crossword puzzles and interesting, informative tasks in three languages ​​were posted on the stands in the lobby in the state, Russian and English.

Day 3. 
«English Day»

Accordingly, on this day everything was in a foreign language. In the morning, everyone who came to school was expected by school students with sweets and wishes in English. A game was held at two big breaks — a quiz “Expert in English”. The questions were of different levels, taking into account the age levels of students in the school. In the quiz game, all classes took part, both primary and secondary, senior students.

Day 4. «Russian day»

The following events were held on the day of the Russian language: quiz «A country of wunderkind», all school students took part. Also, the intellectual game “Mind Games” between grades 8 and 9, as a result of which the «Invincible» team won.

Day 5. Summing up